Health and Safety Policy

Domestic Angels Cleaning Services acknowledge that the key to successful Health and Safety Management requires effective organisation, structures and policies which reflect the commitment of the Company. To sustain that commitment, we will continually measure, monitor and revise where necessary an annual plan relating to Health and Safety standards.

The Company affirms that Health and Safety is the responsibility of EVERYONE.



Name: Domestic Angels Cleaning Services
Registered Office: Unit D7 Chamberlain Business Centre Chamberlain road Hull HU8 8HL

Owner: Sarah Hairsine


General Statement of Policy

It is the policy of the Company to provide and maintain safe working conditions, equipment and systems of work for the benefit of all our employees, Customers and members of the General Public. The Company will provide such information and training to staff members as they need for this purpose.

Appropriate preventative and protective measures are, and will continue to be implemented following the identification of any work-related hazards and assessment of the risks related to them. It is also the policy of the Company to ensure that its business is conducted in al manner so as to reduce the risks to members of the Public. The Company will require ALL Staff to attend such training and/ or induction programmes in order to meet these aims.

The Company accepts its responsibility for Health and Safety of other persons who may be affected by the Company’s activities.

The allocation of duties for Safety matters, the identity of competent persons appointed with particular responsibilities, and the arrangements made to implement this policy are set out herein and in associated Health and Safety documented records.

This Policy will be kept up to date, to reflect changes in the nature and size of the business. To ensure this, the policy and its effectiveness will be reviewed annually.


Company’s Responsibility

It is the duty of Management to ensure the following:

  • Providing and maintaining systems of work that are safe and without risk to Health;

  • Providing Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision;

  • Providing and maintaining safe working environments as necessary;
  • The Company will ensure a systematic approach to identifying, Hazards, assessing the risk,

    determining suitable and sufficient control measures and informing staff of the correct procedures.

  • Ensure suitable Financial provision is made for Health and Safety obligations;

  • Ensure all equipment used in the operation is suitable, of good construction, sound material and free

    from defect obtained from reputable suppliers and manufacturers conforming to the relevant British

    and European standards [BS/EN];

  • Ensure that all plant and Equipment used is regularly inspected and maintained;

  • Comply with know best practices, the Health and Safety at work act 1974 and any/all other legislation

    issued by Government/Legislative bodies in the United Kingdom;

  • The Company will ensure continued consultation with the workforce to enable all viewpoints and

    recommendations to be discussed at regular intervals.

    Staff responsibilities [including Sub-Contractors]

    All Staff have a duty in law to act responsibly and to take reasonable care for the Health and Safety at work of both themselves, their colleagues, Customers and members of the General Public. This Duty can be carried out by:

    • Working safely and efficiently in accordance with The Company Training and Practices;

    • Using and PPE Provided and meeting Statutory obligations;

    • Reporting incidents that could potentially lead to injury or damage;

    • All such incidents must be recorded and copied using the internal report form. Any failure to

      adhere to the Company Health and Safety Policy and procedure will be considered a serious

      disciplinary offence and is one which may lead to dismissal;

    • Adhering to the Company procedures for securing a safe workplace. Individuals will be

      nominated to undertake Health and Safety duties as required.


      The Company is obliged by law to keep a record showing details of all accidents, which occur. Therefore all accidents, however minor, to both Staff, their colleagues, Customers and members of the General Public must be reported immediately. If any accidents are serious to warrant hospital treatment these must also be reported to the local authority. First aid box located in the vehicle. The accident book is located at the registered office address.


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